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out the bomb and gun attacks but says he was motivated by a desire to bring about a revolution in society, his lawyer has said. He said: 'It was faster going by car because we would have had to get a helicopter from the base down south and that would have taken longer.'. A document written under the name of Andrew Berwick, an Anglicised version of his name, also appeared online and detailed how the blond haired killer would 'dress up as a police officer adding that it would 'be awesome as people will be astonished'. He kept a 1,500 page day-to-day diary detailing his attack and posted it on the internet hours before the attack. 'It's linked to the terror investigation.'. Took nine years to plan the attacks at a cost of 300,000 euros. Mourners have also placed flowers and candles over vast areas of the plaza outside the cathedral. free adult dating site buskerud

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Queen Sonja wipes away her tears as she arrives at the cathedral. All the pews in the church were packed, and people were standing at the back and outside, huddling under umbrellas in the rain. 'The personnel have to be notified, they must put on protective gear, arm themselves and get out to the area.'. It emerged today that he and his pensioner father have not spoken in 16 years 'He has admitted to the facts of both the bombing and the shooting, although he's not admitting criminal guilt said acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim. Officers have received criticism after it them took 90 minutes from the first shot to reach the island and Breivik surrendered when they reached him. In the disturbing document he also outlines how important it is to wear make-up before a photo shoot and that you should work out beforehand and take a variety of clothes with you. Critics within the police have long complained that the 'Delta' anti-terrorism unit is short of transport capacity. 'The preferred method is to attack in a violent and deceptive form (shock attack).


Hello Friend i met in black dating site. Tribute: Candles are laid at Oslo Cathedral two days after Norway was hit by two attacks. The violence, the worst since the Second World War, has shocked the normally peaceful nation.8 million. Friends and loved ones gather at the Oslo cathedral to mourn those killed in the twin terror attacks. Police response TO island massacre - timeline:.26pm: Northern Buskerud Police get first notification of the shooting.30pm: There is an informal statement to police in Oslo.38pm: There is a formal statement to the Oslo police and an emergency squad is directed to Utoya. The wrong helicopter and a sinking boat: Why it took special forces so long to reach Norwegian island massacre 11, view comments, questions are being raised as to why it took Norwegian police and special forces an hour to reach the island of Utoya. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (right) and Eskil Pedersen, the leader of the youth wing of ruling Labour Party, arrive for a memorial service at a cathedral in Oslo this morning.

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'He says that he was alone but the police must verify everything that he said. The one they did board almost sank because their equipment was too heavy - and they had to continuously bail out water as they made the crossing. For a future norwegian girls xxx stavanger escorts Europe safe from the tyrany of cultural-Marxism and of Islam. Hammer said: 'I ask for understanding of the fact that it takes time to send out a special armed force. A person wounded in the shooting died in hospital, raising the death toll to 93, Norway's NRK television said. Scroll down for video report, king Harald and his wife Queen Sonja at the memorial service for those who died during the terror attacks. 'This presents a national tragedy he said. 'Do not apologise, make excuses or express regret for you are acting in self-defence or in a preemptive manner.' Preparing for a photo shoot: Wear make-up and work out beforehand, also cut your hair and shave Breivik signed the document in his anglicised name, Andrew.

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